Savings Accounts

Kids Savings, Regular Savings and Health Savings Accounts

Saving money is a vital financial skill whether you are 5, 25, or 65 years old. Lena State Bank makes it easy to save by offering multiple savings accounts with their own benefits. They can help you save for whatever comes next in life, and our Health Savings Accounts can help you save specifically for future medical expenses.

For current rates, fees, full account details and full disclosures, contact Lena State Bank’s Customer Service Department at 815-369-4901 or toll free at 866-369-4901.


Regular Savings Account

Key features:

  • Funds are easily accessible
  • $50 minimum balance to open account
  • No service charge if balance is $50.00 or higher
  • Service charge of $3.00 per quarter if balance is between $0 and $49.99
  • Option for children age 13-18: minimum balance of $25 and the service charge is waived


Cash Crew Savers Club- for kids up to age 13

Key features:

  • Minimum balance to open is $25
  • Interest compounded and paid semi-annually
  • For every $5 deposited, one Cash Crew Buck is awarded
  • No more than 100 Cash Crew Bucks will be awarded in a calendar year
  • Cash Crew Bucks can be redeemed for items displayed at the bank
  • The Centsables program®, a program aimed at helping children gain financial powers
  • Upon turning 13 years old, the Cash Crew Savings Account is switched over to a Regular Savings Account


Health Savings Account

Key features:

  • Allows you to put money away for future medical expenses
  • Linked to a high-deductible health plan (HDHP)
  • Tax-exempt account – for qualified withdrawals
  • Can be used on qualified medical expenses for yourself (single HSA) or for your spouse and/or your dependents (family HSA)
  • Eligible for HSA if:
    • Covered under an HDHP
    • Not covered by any other plan other than the HDHP
    • Are not enrolled in Medicare
    • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return
  • Free Online Banking
  • Optional Debit Card
  • Checks available (charged separately)
  • Minimum balance to open is $100
  • Interest compounded and credited monthly
  • $500 minimum daily balance to obtain disclosed annual percentage yield.  Interest paid on collected daily balance in tiers:
    • Tier 1: $500-$5,000
    • Tier 2: $5,000 and greater


Christmas Club Account

Key features:

  • Save for the holidays all year round
  • Minimum opening deposit of $25.00, cannot deposit more than $5,000 in this account
  • All deposits must be made via automatic transfer from another Lena State Bank account
  • Interest earned on balances
  • Check with your balance sent in mid-October, just in time for the holidays